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Slide Sleeve Treasure Holder | Kitchen & Bath Organizing

Slide Sleeve Treasure Holder

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

To pull together the miscellany of summer, try sorting your smaller, more lightweight mementos in the clear pockets of a slide sleeve. This playful version of a shadow box can be tacked up just about anywhere or hung like a mobile to let the sun shine through. It's fun to showcase a mixture of the bought and the found. (Bonus: slide sleeves are cheap! We bought four for less than $2.)


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1. We chose a slide sleeve with pockets measuring 2 by 2 inches. In that size, you can easily fit:

Small souvenirs

Ticket stubs from parks or theaters

Bird feathers

Decals and stickers

Pine needles, leaves, dried flowers

Cropped photos or postcards

Map fragments