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Salty Bones Recipe

Salty Bones Recipe

It wouldn't be Halloween without a skeleton - in this case, one that's been reassembled into a pile of tasty bones to pick.


  • 1 tube of refrigerated breadstick dough (we used an 11-ounce tube to make 12 bones)
  • Coarse salt


  1. Unroll a tube of refrigerated breadstick dough and separate the rectangular pieces.
  2. Working with one piece at a time, stretch the dough to lengthen it a bit and then use kitchen scissors or a knife to cut a 11/2-inch slit in the center of each end.
  3. Roll or shape the resulting four flaps of dough into knobs that look like the ends of a bone.
  4. Place the dough bones on an ungreased baking sheet, spacing them a few inches apart, and sprinkle on a little coarse salt. Bake the bones until they are light golden brown, about 12 minutes.