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Make a Hula Hoop | Everyday Celebrations

Make a Hula Hoop

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Sure, you could just buy a conventional hula hoop at the mall, but for a colorful, durable hoop with a customized fit, it's better (and more fun) to make your own.


  • 7-foot, 4-inch length of 100 psi 3/4-inch polyethylene irrigation tubing*
  • Very hot tap water in a bowl or bucket
  • 3/4-inch pipe coupling
  • Funnel
  • 1 cup plastic beads
  • Electrical tape in assorted colors
  • This length of tubing will make a 28-inch-diameter hula hoop. For a 24-inch hoop, use a 6-foot, 4-inch; for a 36-inch hoop, use a 9-foot, 6-inch. A hacksaw works well to cut the tubing. You can buy irrigation tubing at hardware stores and home centers.


1. Soften one end of the tubing by soaking it in very hot tap water for two minutes.

Make a Hula Hoop - Step 2

2. Slide the heated end of the tubing over the coupling until it reaches the midpoint line.

Make a Hula Hoop - Step 3

3. Soak the other end of the tubing in the hot water. Before the tubing cools, use a funnel to quickly pour the plastic beads into the coupling-end of the tubing.

Make a Hula Hoop - Step 4

4. Immediately slide the bare end of the tubing onto the coupling so that the two ends meet.

Make a Hula Hoop - Step 5

5. Wrap the seam with a couple of layers of colored tape to seal it. Decorate your hoop by wrapping it with contrasting colors of tape. Wrap each color at a different angle for a woven look.