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Pumpkin Roll | Halloween Decorations

Pumpkin Roll

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Give your extra toilet tissue a festive look this Halloween.


  • Toilet tissue rolls
  • Orange fabric
  • Brown paper bag
  • Glue
  • 12-inch green pipe cleaners
  • Green felt leaves


Pumpkin Roll - Step 1

1. Set each roll in the center of a 22- by 18-inch piece of fabric, gather the fabric around it, and tuck the edges into the top hole (A).

Pumpkin Roll - Step 2

2. For a stem, roll a strip of brown paper bag and glue the edge (B).

Step 3 - Pumpkin Roll

3. For a vine, glue one end of a pipe cleaner to a felt leaf, then curl the pipe cleaner around the stem (C). Insert the stem in the hole.