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Easter Craft: Spring Peeps

Easter Craft: Spring Peeps

Total Time Needed: 30 Minutes or less

This clutch of cherry chicks can serve as a tweet springtime greeting or as a place card for an Easter dinner guest.


  • Green card stock
  • Orange card stock
  • Glue
  • ¾-inch yellow pom-poms
  • Black seeds


Spring Peeps - Step 1

1. First, make a fold about 3 ½ inches from one short end of a 6- by 9-inch piece of green card stock. Fold the paper again, in the opposite direction, about 2 inches from the other end, as shown.

2. Trim the shorter flap to resemble grass, then write a springtime greeting or a guest's name across the top of the card.

3. Glue on baby chicks using ¾-inch yellow pom-poms for the bodies and ½-inch pom-poms for the heads. Then glue on black seed bead eyes and tiny beaks cut from a piece of folded orange card stock.