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Paper Boxes and Stars

Paper Boxes and Stars

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

Make paper scraps sparkle with our easy star folding technique. When you have a handful, construct one of these no-cut boxes to contain your heavenly bounty (the boxes are great for gifts too).



  • Card stock or scrapbook paper
  • Plastic knife
  • Hole punch
  • Paper fasteners


  • Copy paper or other lightweight paper


Paper Stars Illustration Step 1

1. For the Boxes Start with a facedown square or rectangular piece of card stock or scrapbook paper. With a plastic knife, score four lines that are equidistant from the edges of the paper, as shown (A). Score four diagonal lines at the corners, as shown (B).

2. Fold up the sides of the box along the four straight lines, pushing in each corner along its diagonal score line. Punch a hole through each corner flap and the sides of the box, then use paper fasteners to secure these flaps to the box.

Paper Stars Step 3

3. For each Star Tie a knot at one end of a 1/2-by 11-inch strip of copy paper or other lightweight paper.

Paper Stars Step 4

4. Flatten the know into a pentagonal shape, then trim any excess paper from the short end of the strip.

Paper Stars Step 5
5. Tightly fold the remaining length of paper around the knot.

Paper Stars Step 6

6. Secure the end by tucking it under a previous fold.

Paper Stars Step 7

7. Using your thumb and index finger, gently pinch each point of the star to give it dimension.