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Mice Guys | All Valentine's Day Crafts

Mice Guys

This Valentine's Day, open your heart to a cutie-pie mouse puppet - or make a pair to share with a friend.


  • template
  • felt
  • 8-inch length of bulky yarn
  • tacky glue
  • waxed paper
  • heavy book to help bind glue
  • craft knife (an adult's job)
  • black beads and a pom-pom


1. For each, cut a heart and an oval from felt using our template.

Mice Guys step 1

2. Cut an 8-inch length of bulky yarn and knot one end. Apply tacky glue along one edge of the heart, as shown. Add a dot of glue for the tail. Place the unknotted end of the yarn on the dot of glue, then fold the heart in half.

3. Cover the heart with waxed paper and a heavy book and let the glue dry.

4. With a craft knife (adults only), make a small slit for the ears and a longer slit for the finger "feet" as shown, cutting through both layers of the folded felt. Slip the oval through the ear holes. Add black bead eyes and a pom-pom nose with tacky glue.