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Magnifying Waterscope | All Spring Crafts

Magnifying Waterscope

Ever wonder what's under the surface of the water? Watch through the private window of this waterscope and find out.

You might also want to take a closer look at those little water creatures by using a handy homemade observation tank.


  • Can opener
  • Coffee or large juice can
  • Duct tape
  • Generic plastic wrap (it's stretchier)
  • Wide rubber band


Magnifying Waterscope - Step 1

1. Use a can opener to cut both ends off the can. If the can's cut edges seem sharp, cover them with duct tape. Stretch the plastic wrap over one end, then secure it with the rubber band and duct tape. Dip the covered end into the water and peer inside.

2. Tester's tips: To improve viewing, line the inside of the can with black craft foam. If your child is using the waterscope from a dock, have him lie flat on his stomach for safety.

3. Why it works: The pressure of the water against the plastic wrap bows it inward, creating a curved, magnifying lens.