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July 4th Craft: Patriotic Twirler

Patriotic Twirler

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

This colorful twirler is simply two flexible straws joined together, with a tassel of tissue paper taped to one end.


  • 2 flexible straws
  • Red, white & blue tissue paper
  • Glue stick
  • Tape


1. Trim about 3 inches from the bottom of two flexible straws.

2. Create the tassel. Stack three 3-inch squares of tissue paper - one red, one white, and one blue - then use a glue stick to join them along one edge. Fringe the stack along the opposite side.

3. Tape a corner of the stack to a straw just above the elbow, then wind the stack around the straw and secure it with more tape. Lightly crinkle the fringe to give it shape.

Patriotic Twirler - Step 4

4. Snip the other straw as shown, pinch the end, and slide it into the tasseled straw. Twist the straws as shown, then place the twirler in your mouth, release your hand, and blow!