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How to Install Disqus Comment on Blogger

How to Install Disqus Comment on Blogger

Disqus is a networked community platform and is one of the oldest and most used blog commenting system used by many bloggers over the web.

Benefits of Using Disqus Comment System

Disqus has many benefits like:

After installing Disqus comment system on your Blogger blog, you can easily import your old existing comments with just a few clicks.

Disqus allows your blog into the web-wide community network which gives you an opportunity to connect over millions of global users to your blog.

Embedding Disqus comment system on your blog not only gives you a beautiful commenting system, but you can also earn money with native ads.

Disqus commenting system is a mobile optimized and lightweight user interface and is also very fluid.

Disqus automatically ads no-follow attribute to commenters links and filters spam comments as well.

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Users can reply to comments by directly replying to the notification emails sent by Disqus. So,

How to Install Disqus on Blogger

Step 1. Go to Disqus site and click on Get Started.

Install Disqus Comment

You can signup for Disqus using your social media accounts also or else you can create Disqus account manually as well.

You have to provide your Name, Email ID and create a Password.

After reading the Disqus “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” you can check the boxes provided and click on Signup.

Disqus Comment

Step 2. It will then ask you to choose what service you want. You want to comment on site or want to install Disqus on your site.

As you want Disqus Comment so, choose “I want to install Disqus on my Site”

Disqus Comment

Step 3. Then, it will take you to a new window in order to fill the other details.

Like, you have to provide your website or blog URL and choose a category that is related to your site or blog and click on Create Site.

Disqus Comment

Step 4. It will then ask you to select plans. There are 3 plans in Disqus comments system: Basis, Plus, Pro and Free or if you want an enterprise plan, you can request for a Business plan.

Disqus Comment

Step 5. After selecting your desired plan, it will then ask you to choose the platform that you use for your website or blog.

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It has almost every platform listed, you just have to search Blogger and click on it which is usually at the top.

Disqus Comment

When you clicked on the platform that you use, so, you can choose the Blogger icon. Then click on Add https-your site name to Blogger site”.

Disqus Comment

Step 6. You then have to configure the page element by selecting on which blog or site you want to embed Disqus comment system and click on Add Widget.

Disqus Comment

You’ll be redirected to Bloggers Layout page where you’ll see the new gadget.

As you are using Disqus for commenting purpose so I would recommend to move it under the blog post gadget so that you can keep your things organized.

You can also change the color schemes, typeface, moderation rules, avatars, and other settings for your comments by going on Disqus and then settings.

If you want your old existing comment via Blogger Comment, you can import from Blogger to Disqus by going to Discussion and select Import. 

You can also select the platform and import your old comments.

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Note: It may take up to 24 hours to import depending on how many comments you have on your blog.

Also, if you are using Blogger’s default template, you will have to enable Disqus comment system separately by going to:

Template/Theme >> Edit HTML and search Disqus.

You would find quite similar to below.


 <b:widget id='HTML#' locked='false' title='Disqus for #' type='HTML'> ... </b:widget>  

When you find the above code, just replace it with the below code and you are all set for Disqus comment system on your Blogger blog.


 <b:widget id='HTML#' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Disqus for #' type='HTML'> ... </b:widget>  

You don’t worry even if your template is not mobile optimized. Disqus will enable your desktop version to mobile version automatically.

Conclusion on How to Install Disqus Comment System on Blogger

According to their official website, above 9, 65,000 blogs and websites are using Disqus comment system today.

So, signup now and get beautifully designed, professional look comment system on your Blogger blog. 

Disqus Comment
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