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Halloween Costumes: Gypsy Costume

Gypsy Costume

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

We can see the future now: your daughter will join a caravan of musical wanderers on October 31st. The key to this costume is the layers: the more the merrier.


  • flowery skirts
  • old scarves
  • strings of costume jewelry
  • lipstick
  • face paint
  • old purse


  1. Layer on mismatched flowery skirts, a few old scarves, and strings of costume jewelry. (If you can't find these items in your own closets, head to a thrift store).
  2. Add some lipstick, and face paint.
  3. Tie another scarf around the dancer's head, hand her a tambourine and an old purse, and candy will be in her future.