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Family Halloween Costumes: Old Man Winter and the Four Seasons

Old Man Winter and the Four Seasons

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Here's a fun costume for Dad that's easy to make. Plus, it's a great complement to Mother Nature. Old Man Winter can be put together quickly starting with Dad's old bathrobe. And if the whole family wants to get in on the seasonal act, check out our suggestions below to create fun costumes so the rest of the family can play the roles of spring, summer and fall.


  • Old men's bathrobe or winter coat
  • Santa beard and wig from costume shop or Christmas shop
  • Spray-on snow
  • Snow shovel
  • Winter boots


  1. Generously apply spray-on snow to the bathrobe or coat. Allow to dry.
  2. Tease out beard and wig to make it look wild and scraggly.
  3. Family Costume Tips: To create a spring costume, decorate a raincoat with floral stickers and carry an umbrella for showers and a watering can for flowers (you can even fill it with fake blooms for a fun touch.)
  4. Family Costume Tips: To create a summer costume, wear a bathing suit (topped with a hoodie for warmth), pair it with sunglasses, flip-flops and add some red makeup for a faux sunburn or a dollop of white sunscreen on the nose. Add a boogie board for effect.
  5. Family Costume Tips: To create an autumn costume, use a glue gun to deck out some old clothes with real or artificial leaves sprayed with glitter. Carry a rake.