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Adult Halloween Costumes: Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Trick-or-treaters love it when grown-ups come to the door in costume. And you want one that parents get a kick out of, too. Here's the ultimate power mom getup: Mother Nature. This costume is open to interpretation and really lets you discover your own inner goddess.

Although it requires a bit of prep, on Halloween night you can add a bit of natural glam by wearing false eyelashes and a hair extension that matches your own locks. Pair it with some metallic gladiator sandals on summer clearance from a discount shoe store, and you're bound to be a force of nature.


  • For the dress: Thrift shop white gown or drop-waist white dress (Or, use a sheet you can fashion into a toga.)
  • Optional: Matching sash
  • Silk or real flowers
  • Glue gun
  • Glitter/glitter glue
  • Gladiator sandals from a discount shoe store
  • Hair extension that matches your hair color
  • False eyelashes


  1. Generously apply glitter to the flowers and allow them to dry.
  2. Apply flowers directly to the dress and/or sash, using the glue gun. Make the flowers most dense at the waist, over one of the shoulders and down the skirt.
  3. Create a simple wreath for your hair with flowers and glue gun. If it is too hard to attach the flowers to one another, attach them to a headband.
  4. After applying false eyelashes, wear gold glittery eye shadow, and use highlighter on your cheekbones so you glimmer like Mother Nature! (Also, don't be shy when applying a floral perfume!)