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Edible Christmas Decorations: Peppermint Tree

Peppermint Tree

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

With green mint boughs and sour ball lights, this tabletop tree is a treat for kids to decorate -- and for holiday guests, who can harvest goodies from its branches.


  • Double-sided foam tape
  • 9- by 4-inch Styrofoam cones (sold in most craft stores)
  • Three 10-ounce bags of individually wrapped green striped mints
  • Small bag of individually wrapped multicolored sour balls or jawbreakers
  • Yellow paper
  • Yellow lollipop
  • Decorative candle stand


  1. Apply strips of double-sided foam tape to the Styrofoam cone, as shown at left, until virtually the entire surface is covered.
  2. Now your child can attach the wrapped mints to the exposed tape, starting with one row around the bottom and working his way up. For the best coverage and color, he should stick each mint to the tree by the rounded edge rather than with the flat surface facing out. Encourage him to mix in a few multicolored sour ball or jawbreaker lights as he goes.
  3. For a tree topper, cut a star out of the yellow paper, tape the lollipop to it, and then push the lollipop stick straight down into the cone. Finally, set the tree on the decorative candle stand.