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Crafts: Tie-dyed Shoelaces | Shoe Crafts for Kids

Crafts: Tie-dyed Shoelaces

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

One-of-a-kind laces turn ordinary sneakers into psychedelic streetwear.


  • White shoelaces
  • Bowls or plastic yogurt containers
  • Warm water
  • Fabric paint
  • Stick or paintbrush
  • Plastic bag
  • Hair elastics, optional


  1. Tie knots in the shoelaces about one inch apart or cinch one-inch loops with the hair elastics.
  2. Prepare each color of dye in its own bowl by mixing equal parts fabric paint and water (start with a tablespoon of each). If needed, add a few drops of paint (to deepen) or water (to lighten) the color. Mix with a paintbrush or stick.
  3. Dip each knot or loop into a different color. Remove the lace from the dye after a few seconds unless you want a very dark color. Keep in mind that the colors will bleed slightly. Or you may want to bleed them on purpose so that, say, red and yellow mix into orange.
  4. Dry the laces flat on a plastic bag. Do not undo the knots until the laces are dry.