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Ice Stars | All Family Winter Crafts

Ice Stars

This garland really shines when draped on a wreath or tree - outside, of course. Make it right before a special occasion (a party, Christmas Eve) or just for a random Tuesday that could use some sparkle.


  • decorative ice-cube tray (we used a star-shape one)
  • water
  • cranberries for each cube
  • cord (we used biodegradable hemp)


1. Fill a decorative ice-cube tray (we used a star-shape one) with water and add a cranberry to each cube.

Ice Stars step 2

2. Press a length of cord (we used biodegradable hemp) into the tray so that it loops in and out of each cube. The more cord you leave in between, the farther apart the frozen cubes will be.

3. Freeze the tray, then carefully remove the cubes.