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Craft: Colorful Envelopes Craft

Craft: Colorful Envelopes Craft

Total Time Needed:1 Hour

This summer, your child can easily turn her favorite wrapping, scrapbook, or other decorative paper into fun, colorful envelopes just right for mailing notes, party invitations, or summer stories.


  • Decorative paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


Personal Postal Packets - step 1

1. First, help your child use a ruler and pencil to create a template like the one shown.

Personal Postal Packets- step 2

2. If she would like to send her envelopes through the U.S. mail, be sure the center rectangle of her template measures at least 5 by 3 1/2 inches, as shown.

Personal Postal Packets- step 3

3. Cut out the pattern and trace it onto the back of your paper of choice, then cut out the tracing. Your child can write her message on another piece of paper or directly on the unprinted side of the envelope.

Personal Postal Packets- step 4

4. When you're ready to close the envelope, fold in the flaps, as shown, and seal them with tape or a glue stick. Finally, add a label with the recipient's name or mailing address and, if your letter is going in the mail, a first-class stamp.