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Clay Crafts: Tiny Doughnut

Tiny Doughnut

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Our step-by-step "recipe" will have you cooking in no time!


  • Various colors of polymer clay


Tiny Treat - Doughnut - Step 1

1. Roll a small ball of tan clay.

Tiny Treat - Doughnut - Step 2

2. Flatten it into a thick disk and use a toothpick to carve a hole in the center.

Tiny Treat - Doughnut - Step 3

3. Roll a smaller ball of clay for the frosting.

Tiny Treat - Doughnut - Step 4

4. Flatten it and use a tooghpick to carve a hole in the center.

5. Press the frosting on top of the doughnut. For sprinkles, add tiny chunks or balls of clay. Bake the doughnut according to the directions on the clay package.