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Ap-peeling Glow | Craft Candle Holders

Ap-peeling Glow

Because they're easy to peel, clementines lend themselves well to this project, which turns them into fragrant votives.


  • clementines
  • small knife (an adult's job)
  • tea light


  1. To make one, cut through the peel around the clementine's widest part with a small knife. Carefully extract the fruit and set it aside for eating.
  2. Carve a small star-shaped opening in the peel's stem end.
  3. Set a battery-operated tea light in the bottom half, top it with the remaining half, and you're done! These orbs will dry and harden to last a few days.


For a delicious treat that makes clementines even more irresistible, dip segments partway into melted semisweet chocolate, then roll them in shredded coconut.