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A Doorstep Garden | Garden Crafts

A Doorstep Garden

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Turn an old boot into a stylish planter.


  • Old boot
  • Pebbles or aquarium gravel
  • Potting soil or loam
  • Small bunch of annual flowers


  1. Remove the lace from the boot or loosen it enough to allow the tongue to be pulled forward.
  2. Fill the bottom of the boot with a layer of pebbles or aqaurium gravel to provide drainage.
  3. Pack in a 2-inch layer of potting soil or loam.
  4. Fit in the root base of annual flowers (pansies, marigolds, or impatiens work well).
  5. Gently pack more soil around and on top of the roots.


Remember to water the flowers regularly because, unlike those that are planted in the ground, these blooms cannot draw moisture from the surrounding soil.