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Newspaper Hat | Homemade Hats

Newspaper Hat

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Kids might not make headline news with this whimsical hat design, but they'll be wearing it.


  • Newspaper
  • Tape


  1. To make the crown, unfold several double sheets of newspaper or cut colored tissue paper, crepe paper or recycled gift wrap into pieces of comparable size.
  2. Place the paper on top of your child's head, fanning out the sheets in different directions. Then, form the crown of the hat, using your hands to gather the paper; all the way around, at eyebrow level.
  3. For a brow band, wrap the base of the crown with a long piece of masking tape. Reinforce with a second layer. For taller styles, such as a stovepipe or a Stetson, bundle up the paper so that it rises several inches above your child's forehead before you apply tape.
  4. Remove the hat from your child's head and use scissors to shape the brim. Round the edges to make a floppy bonnet, then decorate with a ribbon sash and silk flowers.
  5. To style a derby, trim the brim an inch or two from the brow band and adorn with a feather.
  6. For a baseball cap, cut the brim flush with the brow band along the sides and back. Then, round the front brim to create a visor. Another style is a watch cap: merely roll up the brim all the way to the band.