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Felt Fir Trees | Christmas Display Ideas

Felt Fir Trees

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

Assembled from Styrofoam cones and felt, these firs are trimmed with candy canes and sparkly sequin ornaments held in place with decorative straight pins. Make them with the Felt Gingerbread Houses to create a winter wonderland!


  • Green felt
  • Styrofoam cones
  • Cotton balls
  • Fabric glue (we like Fabri-Tac)
  • 11/2-inch pearlized straight pins
  • Tree-trimming materials, such as sequin trim, sequins, and small beads
  • Red and white pipe cleaners
  • Large pom-poms
  • Toothpicks


1. Cut a square of felt to cover a cone. For a 12-inch cone, you'll need a 16-inch square; for a 9-inch cone, a 12-inch square; for a 6-inch cone, a 9-inch square.

Felt Fir Trees Step 2

2. Measure and mark an arc as shown below. Cut along the line, then wrap the cone in the felt, as shown, placing a few cotton balls in the tip. Form the point carefully, trimming if needed. Glue the felt in place along the overlap.

3. When the glue is dry, use the pins to secure the trim, sequins, and beads. For more elaborate ornaments, layer beads and small sequins on top of larger sequins.

4. For candy canes, twist together red and white pipe cleaners, then trim to size.

5. For a tree topper, glue a large pom-pom to a toothpick and insert it in place.