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My First Photo Album | Toddler Crafts

My First Photo Album

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

For someone who doesn't talk yet, a picture's got to be worth at least a million words, making this flippy little album the perfect gift to create for your baby. It'll satisfy her natural love of faces, especially faces she knows, and it's sturdy enough to handle chewing, dropping, and many repeated "readings."


  • Family photographs
  • Photo stickers or cutout letters for labeling
  • Hole punch
  • Key ring or teething ring


Baby's First Photo Album

1. Select a dozen or so photographs (ones with large, visible faces are best). If you like, you can pick a theme to organize them (for example, "A Day in the Life of Me") and label the photos with stickers or cutout letters.

2. Have a copy center laminate the photos in pairs, back to back (you can probably fit two pairs on each laminated sheet). Cut each pair of photographs from the sheet, rounding the corners and leaving a half-inch border around each one (so the photos won't peel apart).

3. Punch a hole in the corner of each photo and thread them onto a key ring or onto a teething ring