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Movie Buff Bowl | Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Movie Buff Bowl

Total Time Needed: 30 Minutes or less

The Toroks of Shelby Township, Maryland, are huge movie fans, so it's only natural that they created a cinematic gift for the kids' grandfather. Mom Crystal cleverly fashioned a bowl from a roll of paper tickets, then filled it with a DVD, a gift card to the local theater, and movie-size boxes of candy. This easy-to-assemble gift is also an appealing choice for teachers and friends.


  • Standard roll of single tickets (as opposed to a double-ticket roll); you can buy a roll of 2,000 for under $5 at most large office supply stores
  • Tape or glue
  • Sealer (we used Mod Podge)


  1. Secure the loose end of the ticket roll with tape or glue. Grasping the roll in both hands, gently push against the center with your thumbs and use your fingers to slightly separate the rows. Don't push the bottom of the bowl too far, or you'll end up with a cone shape that won't stand up; rather, leave a flat base that's at least 3 inches wide. Make sure the rim is more than one row thick, too, so it won't bend or become dog-eared.
  2. Finally, brush at least two coats of sealer over the entire bowl and let it dry thoroughly.