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March Madness Cupcakes Recipe

March Madness Cupcakes Recipe

Score big with resident hoop fans by making a batch of these tournament-time treats.


  • Mini white cupcakes (ours is 1 inch tall)
  • White frosting
  • Orange decorators' gel
  • Sugar cookies (ours is 3 inches in diameter)
  • Mini basketball chocolates (available at candy stores or online at


  1. For each basket, trim the cupcake flush with the wrapper's edges, if needed. Frost the cupcake and pipe a ring of decorators' gel around the edge.
  2. For the backboard, frost half of a cookie, then add decorators' gel details. Keeping the cookie flat, dab frosting where the basket will go and gently press the cupcake in place.
  3. Use another dab of frosting to secure a chocolate basketball. Let the treats set for at least a half hour before standing them up.