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Halloween Costumes: Greek Statue Costume

Greek Statue

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Make history in your family with this instant classic - no sewing necessary! Just cut a few yards of inexpensive white cotton into a statuesque gown.


  • 3 yards of white cotton fabric
  • 1 yard of tulle
  • 4 yards of 5/8-inch-wide white grosgrain ribbon
  • Artificial grape cluster and grapevine garland (available at craft stores)
  • Safety pins
  • White flip-flops


Greek Statue - Step 1

1. THE GOWN Cut 2 yards of the cotton fabric, then fold it in half and cut a 10-inch neckhole.

Greek Statue - Step 2

2. Cut the remaining cotton fabric into 2 pieces. Fold one piece into accordion pleats lengthwise and iron to set the pleats. Stack the fabric pieces and the tulle and tie the stack with a 12-inch length of grosgrain ribbon.

Greek Statue - Step 3

3. Have your child try on the gown. Pin the drape to the shoulders and pin on the grapes.

Greek Statue - Step 4

4. THE SANDALS AND GARLAND Cut the remaining ribbon into 2 equal lengths. Have your child slip on the flip-flops, then slide each ribbon under her foot and cross it up and around her calf, tying it at the knee. If needed, slide a rubber band (not too tight!) just below the knotted ribbon to hold it in place.

5. Loop the garland around your child's head until it looks as full as you like. Trim any excess and tuck in the ends.