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Lovin' Spoonfuls

Lovin' Spoonfuls

These whimsical white chocolate confections - perfect for Valentine's Day gifts or party favors* - can be eaten right off the spoon or stirred into cups of hot cocoa.


  • white chocolate
  • small candies


  • plastic spoons and lollipop bags


  1. Arrange plastic spoons so that their bowls are level (we set ours with the handles resting on the edge of a cookie sheet).
  2. For every eight spoons, melt 6 ounces of white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl according to the package directions, then transfer the chocolate to a ziplock bag and snip off a corner.
  3. Pipe the chocolate into each spoon and gently tap the spoons on your work surface to level the chocolate. Sprinkle small candies, such as conversation hearts, red hots, and nonpareils, on top. Let the chocolate cool completely.


 Present the spoons in lollipop bags sealed with twist ties or ribbon. If you like, include a note explaining that the spoons make great hot cocoa stirrers.