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Layered Pillars | Craft Candle Holders

Layered Pillars

This project offers an easy introduction to candle making with molds. Our candle has three layers of similar colors, but you can design yours with as many layers and colors as you like.

Remember, never leave candles burning unattended or near unsupervised children.


  • wax-coated cardboard carton (we used an 8-ounce orange juice carton)
  • 1 1/2 cups paraffin wax, chopped
  • pouring container
  • one third of a 3/4-ounce cube of cranberry wax dye
  • 3-inch-tall prewaxed wire wick with clip


  1. Trim the top off the carton so that it stands about 4 inches tall.
  2. Melt 1/2 cup of the wax following these directions. While the wax is melting, chop the dye into small pieces, then stir a little more than half into the wax. Pour the wax into the carton mold and insert the wick. Allow the wax to cool, about 45 minutes.
  3. Melt another 1/2 cup of wax and add a quarter of the remaining dye. Pour this wax on top of the first layer and let it cool.
  4. Melt the remaining wax and add just a pinch of the remaining dye (you'll have some left over). Pour the third layer, then allow the candle to cool one last time, about an hour. Tear away the carton and trim the wick so that it extends 1/4 inch.