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Kid's Art Shopping Bag | Drawing Projects

Kid's Art Shopping Bag

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

This art-embellished bag will carry a lot of weight with its lucky recipient and is the tote-ally perfect answer to the question "Paper or plastic?" To start, pick up a tote at your local supermarket or hardware store (they're available for a dollar at many large chains).


  • Kid's drawing or painting
  • Tote bag
  • T-shirt transfer paper (we like Wilton's"Easy Image" dark transfer paper for its ability to cover existing designs)
  • Iron


  1. Have your child draw or paint a picture. If necessary, use a color copier to enlarge or reduce the art to fit on the tote.
  2. Follow the package instructions for printing or copying your child's artwork onto the transfer paper. Cut out the drawing, if you like.
  3. If your tote is plastic or vinyl, use your iron's "synthetic" setting and follow the package directions to iron the transfer onto your bag. (Note: The extra-hot "cotton" setting will melt a synthetic bag.) As you press, take care to iron only the area covered by the transfer's protective parchment.