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Holiday Craft: Kid's Art Notepad

Kid's Art Notepad

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Take a favorite drawing, add the services of a copy shop, and you'll be amazed at the results. Your child's art can be copied, laminated, and cut into all sorts of useful gifts, allowing even the youngest gifter to create a treasured present. Tester's Tip: Simple designs with clear lines work best.


  • Kid's artwork
  • Copy shop
  • Magnetic tape (optional)


  1. Help your child select a few samples of her work. The copy shop folks can help her pick the one that will work best. Fifty-sheet notepads (like the one pictured) are copied onto standard-size paper and cut into 8 pads for approximately $12 to $18.
  2. Your elf can then add a strip or two of magnetic tape to the cardboard backing to create handy refrigerator message pads bearing her own work. Most copy shops can create a variety of other personalized presents, from calendars to place mats to T-shirts, from your child's designs, with prices ranging from $1.50 to approximately $20.