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Joyful Tidings | Christmas Card Crafts for Kids

Joyful Tidings

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Holiday decorations help you spell out your season's greetings loud and clear.


  • Plain notecards or card stock
  • Colored markers
  • Metal-rim key tag
  • Scissors
  • Black scrap paper
  • Glue dots
  • Star sticker
  • Candy cane stickers


Joyful Tidings - Step 1

1. For each card, first create a mini ornament that will also serve as the letter "o." Use markers to draw a snowman's face on a key tag. Then cut out a black paper top hat and stick it in place with a glue dot. Drape the key tag string over the top of the notecard and secure it to the back with a star sticker.

2. Now finish spelling the word joy by adding candy cane stickers: one turned upside down to serve as a "j" and the other cut in two and reassembled to create a "y," as shown.