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Homemade School Supplies: Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Add some cuteness to your child's desktop with this cute computer mouse pad, a study buddy who'll be as quiet as, well, a mouse.


  • 9- by 12-inch piece of gray craft foam
  • Nonslip liner (sold at most department stores)
  • Sheet of purple craft foam
  • Tacky glue
  • Purple, gray, and black felt
  • Ribbon
  • Waxed paper


  1. Round the corners of one short side of a 9- by 12-inch piece of gray craft foam and trim the other short side to a point.
  2. Trace this shape onto a piece of nonslip liner (sold at most department stores) and cut it out.
  3. Create a face by tracing the pointed side of the gray foam onto a sheet of purple craft foam. Add a curved line for the top of the face, then cut it out.
  4. With tacky glue, stick a length of yarn to the rounded end of the gray foam for a tail, then glue the nonslip liner to the foam, covering the end of the tail.
  5. For ears, glue two purple felt circles to the centers of two slightly larger gray felt circles, then glue the gray circles just under the top edge of the purple face.
  6. Glue ribbon whiskers to the end of the snout. Cover the whiskers with a black felt nose, add black felt eyes, and glue the purple face in place on the gray body.
  7. Cover the mouse with a piece of waxed paper, set a large, heavy book on top, and allow the glue to dry completely.