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Holly-day Pet Wear | Easy Crafts for Kids

Holly-day Pet Wear

Your dog or cat can dress up for the holidays with this festive quick-release collar.


  • Scissors
  • Red grosgrain ribbon (ours is 1-1⁄2 inches wide; you may need a narrower ribbon for a small dog or cat)
  • Red and green felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Red and green puffy paints
  • Self-adhesive Velcro tabs


1. To start, cut a piece of ribbon long enough to fit comfortably around your pet's neck with a 1-inch overlap.

2. Cut a piece of red felt slightly shorter and narrower than the ribbon and glue it to one side of the ribbon for a comfortable backing. Fold over the cut ends of the ribbon and glue them in place against the felt to prevent them from fraying.

Holly-day Pet Wear - Step 3

3. For decorations, cut basic holly leaf shapes from the green felt and glue them to the outside of the collar, then paint green lines and red holly berries on each leaf. Affix a Velcro tab to each end of the ribbon (one on the felt inside, the other on the decorated outside). Let the glue and paints dry, and the collar is ready to wear.