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Helping Hand Wreath | Homemade Christmas Wreaths

Helping Hand Wreath

Celebrate the gift of giving with this wreath of helping hands.


  • Paper plate
  • Green paint or markers
  • Green construction paper


1. To make the base of the wreath, cut out the middle of a paper plate. Color the remaining circle green with markers or paint.

Helping Hand Wreath Step 2

2. Trace your child's hand on card stock to create a pattern. Using the pattern, cut out hands from green construction paper (make enough hands to equal the number of countdown days).

3. Write one good deed or simple service project on the back of each and set them aside in a basket. Each day, pick a hand from the basket, perform the deed or serice, and add it to the wreath (we attached each hand with adhesive Fun-Tak to give the wreath more texture).