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Heart Strings | Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Heart Strings

You and your child can make your home where the heart is this February 14th with a fleet of these simple beaded ornaments.


  • Glue
  • A spring clothespin
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads


Heart Strings Step 1

1. To make each ornament, first fold an 8- to 16-inch length of ribbon in half, then shape the sides to form a heart, as shown. Glue the ribbon ends together, using the clothespin as a clamp until the glue dries.

Heart  Strings Step 2

2. Next, thread the needle with a 3-foot length of thread, doubling it and knotting the ends together. Choose a bead or two to dangle below the heart. Pass the needle up through the bottom bead, then between the threads near the knot to secure it in place (see diagram). Add a second bead, if you like, then secure the beads in place with a single stitch through the bottom point of the heart.

3. Pass the needle and thread up through the bottom of the heart. Add on more beads until you reach the glued center point of the heart, then secure the thread to the ribbon with another stitch before passing the needle up through the top of the heart. If you like, you can string on more beads above the heart. Pass the thread through the top bead twice to secure it. Cut the thread just below the needle, then knot the ends. Hang your beaded heart ornaments on a door, in a sunny window, or from an overhead fixture.