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Handprint Fleece Scarf | Homemade Scarves

Handprint Fleece Scarf

What grandmother (or aunt or friend) could resist this fabulous - and fabulously easy - personalized scarf? A kid can create one in no time, plus it showcases the many virtues of polar fleece: it's cuddly, warm, inexpensive, and requires no hemming. An older child will be able to fly solo on this project, while a younger child may need a hand with the cutting. You should be able to get 4 scarves out of a yard of fleece fabric, but these are so easy that you can prevent Yuletide envy and make one for everyone on your list.


  • Medium-weight polar fleece
  • Medium-weight polar fleece in 2 or 3 colors
  • Pencil or pen for tracing
  • Embroidery thread and needle


  1. Using sharp scissors, cut a piece of medium-weight polar fleece to 9 by 60 inches (60 inches is the standard width of most fleece fabrics). Be sure to cut the fabric across its width so that it stretches when you pull on the ends of the scarf. Trim off the edge binding on the ends.
  2. Fringe each scarf end, making a 6-inch-long cut every half inch. To curl the fringe, pull each strand so it stretches, as shown, then let go sharply.
  3. To make a handprint, trace around your child's hand on the wrong side of a different color of fleece fabric. Cut out the handprint and attach it to the scarf with a simple sewn X of embroidery thread in a constrasting color. (You can also stack up 2 children's handprints, as we've shown.