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For Valentine's Day: Jolly Lollies

Jolly Lollies

Total Time Needed: 30 Minutes or less

Our silly suckers are part treat, part toy. And whether your child chooses the hilarious mustachioed pop Valentine or the lolly-puckered mouth, he'll have found a witty way to say: "Read my lips: I like you!"


  • Red or brown permanent marker
  • Red, pink, or brown craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife or small hole punch to match the size of your lollipop stick (we used a 1/8-inch punch; punches available at many craft stores)
  • Wrapped lollipop
  • Pen
  • White office label


Jolly Lollies - Step 1

1. Use a marker to draw a mustache or lips onto craft foam. Cut out the shape with scissors.

Jolly Lollies - Step 2

2. To slide the lollipop through the foam, make a hole using a small punch as shown or make a tiny slit with a craft knife (a parent's job). Slip the lollipop through the hole. Next, cut the label in half if necessary, write a message on it, and fold it around the stick.