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Flower Basket Cupcake Recipe

Flower Basket Cupcake

For many winter-weary families, the first of May brings a sweet surprise: baskets of spring flowers secretly hung on their doors by friends and neighbors. This spring, you can start an even sweeter May Day tradition by presenting edible flower baskets to your nearest and dearest.


  • Cupcakes (baked from your favorite recipe)
  • White icing
  • Flower-shaped jujubes
  • M&M's Minis
  • Green jujubes
  • Black licorice ropes
  • Fruit leather


  1. Frost however many cupcakes you want. Cut flower-shaped jujubes in half width-wise and set them on top of the cupcakes, then glue M&M Mini's to the flower centers with a dot of icing.
  2. To make the leaves, cut green jujubes in half width-wise, then cut each piece in thirds and set them near the flowers.
  3. Finally, add a piece of black licorice for a handle and tie on a colorful fruit leather bow.