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Enchanted Clay Toadstools | Clay Crafts

Enchanted Clay Toadstools

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Create a faux fairy ring with these polymer clay mushrooms, or use them as row markers to keep seedlings in line. You can also nestle the fun fungi in potted plants. While you're making the toadstools, take a minute to remind your kids not to touch or eat any wild mushrooms -- especially colorful ones that look like these.


  • White and red polymer clay
  • 12-inch bamboo skewers
  • Piece of cardboard


1. For each mushroom cap, roll the white clay into a 1-inch ball and flatten one side. Roll a 1/2-inch ball of red clay, use your palm to flatten it into a disk, and press it atop the white ball. For the spots, roll tiny balls of white clay, flatten them, and press them into place.

2. Roll a 1/2-inch ball of white clay and mold it into a stem. Press the stem into the cap.

Enchanted Clay Toadstools - Step 3

3. Trim the blunt end of each skewer to the desired length (ours are five inches). Insert a skewer, cut-end first, through the stem of each mushroom and into the cap. Arrange the skewered caps on a cardboard-lined baking sheet. Bake the clay according to the package instructions, then let it cool.