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Crocodile Cake Recipe

Crocodile Cake Recipe

Explorers and adventurers will love this sweet crocodile cake. This simple-to-follow recipe will delight moms and kids alike.


  • 10-inch baked ring or Bundt cake
  • 16-ounce can of white frosting
  • Green food coloring
  • Malted milk balls
  • 1 large marshmallow
  • Gummy spearmint leaves
  • Green candies such as M&M's
  • White-yogurt-covered pretzels


Crocodile Cake - Step 1

1. Cut the ring or Bundt cake into 3 equal pieces.

Crocodile Cake - Step 2

2. Slice one of the pieces in half at an angle.

Crocodile Cake - Step 3

3. Arrange the cake pieces on a long tray or serving platter, using one of the angled halves as a tail. Cut the other half into 4 equal-size pieces and set them in place for feet.

4. Tint the can of white frosting with green food coloring and use it to frost the entire cake. Tip: Mix the coloring and the icing right in the container.

5. Cut the large marshmallow in half and place the halves on the cake for eyes. Add 2 malted milk balls on the snout for nostrils and 2 more on the marshmallow halves for pupils.

6. Use a dab of frosting to help them stick. Line gummy spearmint leaves and green M&M's along the body for scales and add spearmint leaf toes to each foot.

7. Lastly, break the yogurt- covered pretzels into pieces and stick them in the frosting along the front of the cake for teeth. Now your croc is ready to eat - or should we say be eaten. The croc cake serves 10 generously.