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Buttoned Up

Buttoned Up

These sweet bracelets are the perfect craft for BFFs to make and trade.


  • velvet ribbon (ours is 3/4 inch wide)
  • fabric glue
  • skinny satin ribbon (ours is 1/8 inch wide)
  • rocks for securing
  • two-hole button


Buttoned Up Step 1

1. Place a 4- to 6-inch length of velvet ribbon (ours is 3/4 inch wide) facedown, and run a thin line of fabric glue down the middle, lengthwise. Place a 15-inch length of skinny satin ribbon (ours is 1/8 inch wide) onto the glue with an equal amount of overhang on each end, then smooth it in place with your finger.

2. Fold up the corners of each end of the velvet ribbon, and rub the folds to crease them. Place a dab of fabric glue under each corner, then use small objects, such as rocks, to hold the corners down while the glue sets.

3. Thread a two-hole button onto the satin ribbon, sliding it all the way to the velvet ribbon. Tie a knot in the satin ribbon to keep the button in place. Tie the finished bracelet onto the wearer's wrist with a bow.


If you can't find velvet ribbon at a local craft or fabric store, try an online shop, such as or -- or search for velvet ribbon under "Supplies" at