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Sparkling Ice Crystals | Christmas Display Ideas

Sparkling Ice Crystals

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

String up a few of these crystals, made of pipe cleaners and beads, and get ready for a flurry of compliments. For a cool twist, use silver pipe cleaners and pom-poms too.


  • 12-inch white iridescent pipe cleaners
  • Clear tri or sunburst beads
  • Needle and fishing line
  • White iridescent pom-poms


Sparkling Ice Crystals - Step 1

Cut 6 pipe cleaners in half to create 12 pieces. Hold 11 pieces together and tightly wrap the last piece around the middle of the bundle, as shown, twisting its ends to secure it.

Sparkling Ice Crystals - Step 2

Spread the pipe cleaner pieces into a starburst shape and thread about 5 beads onto each pipe cleaner half as shown.

Using the needle, thread the pom-poms on the fishing line, then tie the snowflake to one end of the line.