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Craft Stick Trinket Box | Great Teacher Gift Ideas

Craft Stick Trinket Box

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Turn craft sticks into a log- cabin-style container for jewelry, hair ties, or small collectibles.


  • Craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Trinket or seasonal decoration (to personalize)


Craft Stick Trinket Box - Step 1

Make the Base:

Set 2 craft sticks about 3 inches apart on your work surface and glue 10 sticks across them as shown.

Craft Stick Trinket Box - Step 2

Build the Walls:

Flip over the base of the box and begin gluing on craft sticks for the walls, alternating between sides, log cabin style. Continue until the walls are as high as you like.

Craft Stick Trinket Box - Step 3

Add the Lid:

To make a removable lid, set 2 sticks alongside the last 2 wall sticks and add a line of glue along each one, as shown. Lay 10 craft sticks across them as you did for the base.

Craft Stick Trinket Box - Step 4

Personalize It:

Finish off your box by gluing a small toy, trinket, or seasonal decoration to the top.