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Chewy and Louie

Chewy & Louie

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Whether slip-sliding across Lake Lollipop or waddling up to greet guests at the chalet, these dapper penguins are a cool yet comical pair.


  • Toothpicks
  • 2 small white gumdrops
  • 2 large white gumdrops
  • 2 orange jelly beans, halved
  • Royal icing
  • 2 purple Necco wafers, halved
  • 2 orange M&M's, halved
  • Scissors
  • Black shoestring licorice


To make each penguin, use a toothpick to attach the small gumdrop (the penguin's head) on top of the large one (the body). Snap a toothpick in half and use the same technique to attach the jelly bean halves to the penguin's body as feet.

Using small dabs of royal icing, glue the Necco wafer halves in place as wings and the M&M half as a beak.

Snip off two tiny lengths of shoestring licorice and affix them with royal icing to make the eyes.