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Charming Shrinky Dinks

Charming Shrinky Dinks

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

When we ran out of Shrinky Dinks plastic, we would draw roller skates and unicorns on balloons and then deflate them, just to approximate the freaky thrill of shriveling artwork. But there's nothing quite as far-out as the real thing -- except, perhaps, the jewelry you can make with it.


  • Colored pencils
  • Shrinky Dinks Frosted Ruff N' Ready Shrinkable Plastic sheets
  • Hole punch
  • Ball chains (ours were 2 millimeters in diameter)


Charming Shrinky Dinks - Step 1

Use colored pencils to draw images and designs on the rough side of a plastic sheet, bearing in mind that your charms will shrink to about a third of their original size.

Punch a hole in each one, next to the design, before cutting it out.

Bake the charms according to the package directions, then string them onto ball chains.



We used our Shrinky Dinks to make Mork and Mindy-era charm bracel ets, but here are a few other ways to enjoy their shrinky goodness.

BROOCH CARDS: Glue a Shrinky Dinks charm to a pinback, then attach the pin to the front of a blank card for a wearable greeting.

GIFT TAGS: Write the recipient's name on the tag and punch a hole in it before shrinking. Then thread the charm onto a long ribbon for a gift tag that doubles as a necklace.

PUSHPINS: Glue small charms to pushpins and take the "bored" out of bulletin board.

BUTTONS: Punch 2 holes in the middle of a round charm before baking it, then sew it onto your favorite bag or headband. Shrinky Dinks don't wash well, so it's best not to sew them to clothing.

PARTY FAVORS: Use Shrinky Dinks charms and ball chains to make key chains, backpack dangles, or zipper pulls for your guests, or do it as a party activity.