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Charming Magnet Necklace

Charming Magnet Necklace

This funky accessory features bottle-cap charms that pop on and off a magnetic base. Use the caps to frame bits of artwork or, for a fresh twist on a locket, a small photograph. And for extra DIY fun, package the necklace with blank bottle caps and a small bottle of dimensional glaze.


  • 20-inch length of 1/8-inch braided elastic
  • 1-inch metal washer
  • Strong nontoxic glue such as Weldbond Universal
  • Small strong craft magnet ($3 at craft stores)
  • Clear packing tape
  • Artwork or photos on card stock
  • 1-inch-circle hole punch (or a quarter, a pencil, and scissors)
  • Metal bottle caps
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic glaze ($6 at craft stores or
  • Fine glitter (optional)


1. Make the necklace base by looping the elastic cord around the washer as shown, then gluing the magnet to the washer.

2. To prevent bleeding or fading, apply a layer of packing tape to the front and back of your artwork or photos. Next, cut the images into circles with the hole punch (or trace a quarter over the image, then trim along the line with scissors).

3. Squeeze a thin layer of glaze into a bottle cap and press one of the cutout images into it. Let it dry, then fill the cap the rest of the way with glaze (adding a sprinkle of glitter first, if you like). Repeat to create a set, then let them dry overnight.