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Carve a Melon Manor

Carve a Melon Manor

Looking for a sweet real estate deal? Turn the rind of this favorite summertime fruit into a palatial home for toy figures or visiting fairies.


  • 1 round watermelon


Start by slicing off one end of the melon and setting it aside. Cut the insides into pieces, remove them, then scoop out any remaining chunks with a long-handled spoon (save the insides to make our scrumptious salad on the next page).

Carve windows and a door with a small knife, or if you really want to get fancy, break out your pumpkin-carving tools.

Carve a Melon Manor - Step 3

Use toothpicks as needed to join bits and pieces into shrubs and to secure the roof (made from the sliced-off end). To illuminate your stately mansion by night, place a battery-operated tea light inside.