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Candy Cane Display | Christmas Card Display Ideas

Candy Cane Display

Mounted in a doorway, this oversize display has room for dozens of cards. As if that weren't sweet enough, it's studded with real candy to help your kids appreciate each tiding of joy: when a new card goes up, a mint comes down.


  • 2 pieces of foam core (we used 20- by 30-inch sheets, available at craft and office supply stores)
  • 6 yards of 3-inch-wide red satin ribbon
  • Craft knife
  • Duct tape
  • Thumbtacks or finishing nails
  • Oversize red paper clips


Using a craft knife, cut the foam core into 9-inch-wide strips and one candy cane hook, then assemble the sections with duct tape (trim the completed cane to fit in your door frame).

Cut the ribbon stripes so that an inch or so overlaps to the back, and tape them in place. Mount the candy cane on the door trim with thumbtacks or finishing nails.

Candy Cane Display Step 3

Insert oversize red paper clips through the wrappers of holiday candies, then clip the candies to the ribbon (you might keep a box of clips handy in case the mail carrier is especially generous).