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Backpack Danglers - School Craft

Backpack Danglers - School Craft

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

As any kid will tell you, there's no greater fashion faux pas than a naked backpack. So we devised these jazzy danglers to dress up even the drabbest canvas. You'll need to lay in some inexpensive supplies ahead of time, but once they're handy, your kids can whip up new danglers to suit their daily whims. We've described three methods below, but your kids will undoubtedly dream up their own.


  • Narrow ribbon
  • Button with large threading loop in back
  • Safety pins
  • Beads in assorted colors
  • Elastic cord
  • Diaper pin


Backpack Danglers - Step 1

Button Dangler Fold 8 inches of ribbon in half and thread the loop through the opening of a button. Tie loose ends in a knot beneath the button to hold it in places. Thread the loop through the closed saftely pin, then the button through the loop, as shown (A).

Backpack Danglers - Step 2

Diaper Pin Dangler Fold a 10-inch length of elastic cord in half and loop onto a safety pin as shown (B). Thread beads onto the cord, then knot the cord beneath the last bead. Repeat with 3 to 5 more strands.

Bead Dangler (pictured on backpack above) Tie a few short lengths of elastic cord onto the circular joint of a safety pin. Threasd beads onto the cords, then knot the cords beneath the last bead on each strand.