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Backseat Peacekeeper

Backseat Peacekeeper

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

You'd think once kids were old enough to ride without car seats, they'd be so grateful for their freedom that peace and harmony would reign evermore. Instead, these passionate creatures too often fall into fits of the "She's still touching me!" variety. Enter the Peacekeeper.


  • A rectangular plastic basket with the handle removed


Backseat Peacekeeper - Step 1

Decorated however you like, this sibling squabble squelcher doubles as a storage caddy for the paraphernalia of backseat business and entertainment: drawing and coloring supplies, a Walkman, handheld video games, word-search puzzles, books, magazines, and snacks -- even a clip-on book light for night-owl readers. In the end, kids are kids: united they stand, but divided they can sit.